In the fall of 2017 Wehrs Machine & Racing Products started our Ultra Force Spring Machines division introducing a manual push pull machine based on the machines that Jason Sivils was building at the time.  We are very excited to now launch UltraForceTech.com, which will focus on tools and technology to help you win races. Since we took over the manufacturing of the Ultra Force Push Pull Load Machines from Engineer Jason Sivils in 2017, we have peeked our interests in the technology side of our sport. In 2018 we formed an alliance with Keith Berner of Accu-Force Spring Machines to implement their automation to our machines and in the fall of 2018 teamed up with Engineer Dave Guldan to re-work our manual machines. We are currently working on tools, data acquisition and software that we feel will change the game and help you win races. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the product releases.

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